Caurapancasika miniatures

Claudine Picron cbpicron at GMX.DE
Tue Feb 19 18:24:54 UTC 2008

Dear Richard,

here is the information which was just given to me by Joachim (K. Bautze) :
Leela Shiveshwarkar, "The Pictures of the Chaurapanchasika, A Sanskrit Love 
Lyric", New Delhi: The National Museum, 1967.
(with 18 colour plates, text, transl., analysis of the paintings and a very 
long and exhaustive introduction).

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> Does anyone happen to know whether the illuminated manuscript of Bilhana's 
> Caurapancasika from the Gujarat Museum Society, Ahmedabad which was 
> reproduced in black-and-white in B.S. Miller's "Phantasies of a 
> Love-Thief" (New York, 1971), has ever been published (or is available on 
> the web) in color?
> Thanks
> RIch Salomon 

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