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  Am 18.02.2008 um 22:24 schrieb Jan E.M. Houben:

> It would be helpful if someone could list sites in FSU countries 
> (whether the main language of the site is Russian, Tchechen or any 
> other language) with "quite a large number of Indological books", 
> and/or sites of "rapidshare e-book trading communities" relevant to 
> Indologists.

There is a Russian ebook search engine called EBDB. The English 
language interface is available under
The Russian interface:

Besides some general sites (like in the US or Project 
Gutenberg) EBDB also lists some that require a user/password 
verification. An unspecified search for "sanskrit" gives 79 results 
(looking for Sanskrit in Cyrillic characters "санскрит" I get 
44 hits). When I look more specifically for "Minaev" (in Cyrillic: 
минаев) EBDB lists many unrelated names and publications but 
also two hits of one book of the Russian Indologist Ivan P. Minaev 
(the edition of the Patimokkha published in 1869). One hit requires 
registration, the other one uses a bit too complicated download 
procedure. (Minaev died in 1890 and all of his works are now free of 
copyright in most countries.)

You find some lists of digitized indologica from time to time in this 
Google forum:
"Общество ревнителей санскрита (Sanscrit)"

Hope it helps
Peter Wyzlic

Peter Wyzlic
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