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Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Fri Feb 15 17:06:06 UTC 2008

It's a very good idea, Christophe.  I have a growing private collection of 
indological books in digital form that I would gladly donate to someone to 
start off such a library.  But libraries need librarians, and to be 
successful, such an initiative would need a proper institutional base.

I suspect that we are living in a time of transition, and that in a few 
years it will be the norm that when looking up a book in our university 
library catalogues, there will be a button that automatically takes us to 
a digital edition, if one exists.  Something like this is already in place 
in some of the library catalogues I use (UCL, UTexas).  Maybe we should 
just encourage our librarians to push ahead with this kind of facility.

Another way forward would be to tie the digital books and articles that we 
are accumulating to the entries in one of the South Asia research 
databases such as SARDS, ABC, Potter's BIP, Nat. Bib. Ind. Lit., Bibl. 
Asian Studs., etc.


Prof. Dominik Wujastyk
Visiting Associate Professor (Spring Semester '08)
Department of Asian Studies
University of Texas at Austin

On Fri, 15 Feb 2008, Christophe Vielle wrote:

> Dear Dominik,
> do you know if there is already, or somebody does plan, to constitute a 
> (evolutive) web-site repertoire of all the downloadable Indological works 
> (text-editions, studies in the form of books or articles, scanned by/for 
> Google or by other) in a classified form, a bit like, and complementary to, 
> GRETIL for the electronic texts.
> With all my best wishes,
> Christophe
>> And here are the 3 volumes of his original edition of Patanjali's 
>> Mahabhasya.
>> It's amazing what Google is doing.
>> Dominik
>> On Thu, 14 Feb 2008, Dominik Wujastyk wrote:
>>> Kielhorn's Paribhasendusekhara tr., i.e., vol.2, is now downloadable from
>>> as are several other valuable catalogues, reports and articles by 
>>> Kielhorn:
>>> Best,

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