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Sastrarambha. Inquiries into the
Preamble in Sanskrit. Edited by Walter
Slaje. Preface by Edwin Gerow.
Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag 2008. pp.
XV, 255. EUR 65,-- ISBN

The present volume contains a collection
of 10 articles read to the audience of a
topic-related panel at the 13th World
Sanskrit Conference, held in Edinburgh
in July 2006. The papers focus on a
variety of aspects of prolegomena
composed in Sanskrit by examining them
in their different systemic and
systematic contexts. Extending beyond
sastra in its narrower sense as bodies
of (philoso­phical) knowledge, some of
the investigations assembled here
concern themselves with preambles to
different categories such as Vedic
exegesis, poetics, poetry and
Edwin Gerow, En archêi ên ho logos – "In
the Beginning was the Word".
Chr. Minkowski, Why should we read the
P. Balcerowicz, Some Remarks on the
Opening Sections in Jaina
Episte­mological Treatises.
Jan E. M. Houben, Doxographic
Introductions to the Philosophical
Sys­­tems: Malla­va­din and the
Ph. A. Maas, “Descent with
Modification": The Opening of the
J. Bronkhorst, What was Sa?kara's
M. Schmücker, Advaitic Reasoning of
Undertaking (arambha) the
Brahmavicarasastra and the
Counter-Argument in Ve?ka?anatha’s
Silvia D’Intino, Meaningful Mantras. The
Introductory Portion of the ?gvedabha?ya
by Skandasvamin.
G. A. Tubb, Philosophical Beginnings in
Sanskrit Treatises on Po­e­­­tics.
Giuliano Boccali, The Incipits of
Classical Sargabandhas.
W. Slaje, ?In the Guise of Poetry’ –
Kalha?a Reconsidered.
Index, compiled by Andreas Pohlus.


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