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I believe the relevant publication is Har Dayal's 'The Bodhisattva Doctrine
in Buddhist Sanskrit Literature' edition 1932, page 10. There is here a link
to an online edition of this work, but it gives only selected pages as the
book itself is still under copyright.

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Thanks for the information. I discussed the matter with Dr.Gaurishwar
Bhattacharya a few years ago. He also published a paper on the matter in
Bengali in 2004. He mentioned Schlingloff and a host of Indian and Western
scholars starting from Lü the paper and also orally to me but not
Har Dayal. No derivation from satvan too was proposed by him.  It will be
very convenient if information about the publication are made known to us.

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The hypothesis that sattva in bodhisattva, mahaasattva,
etc., might be related to satvan was already advanced
by Har Dayal some 70 years ago. I suggest a review of
his work on the part of those who are interested.

Before jumping to conclusions based on the ms. evidence
of satva, instead of sattva, I would suggest verifying
whether or not the same orthography is found in the
case of the word sattva, as in sarvasattva- "all living
beings." In this case proposed derivations from zakta, satvan,
etc., do not seem plausible; and if sattva in
this usage is also spelled satva, it would seem to at least
call into question the impulse to treat bodhisat(t)va as
a special case.

Matthew T. Kapstein
Numata Visiting Professor of Buddhist Studies
The University of Chicago Divinity School

Directeur d'études
Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris

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