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before the year ends:
around 14 august a message appeared in a Marathi newspaper according to
which Dr. S.D. Laddu had passed away two days earlier at the age of 82.
Dr. S.D. Laddu was professor at the CASS and later on co-editor of the
Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute. He helped and guided
many doctoral and postdoctoral students. His work Evolution of the Sanskrit
Language from Panini to Patanjali (Poona 1974) implies a historical
development of a "living" sanskrit in the centuries after Panini. It has
been disputed that this is what Katyayana and Patanjali tried to describe or
that such development can indeed be inferred from the available data. Cf.
the divergent reviews by Rocher (JAOS vol. 97) and Cardona (Language 53).

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