Diacritic for inter-consonantal vocalic r

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Dear Dipak,

On Mon, 2008-12-01 at 00:33, Dipak Bhattacharya wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> Could anyone enlighten me on the following?

> What is the diacritic character for inter-consonntal or
>  ante-consonantal initial vocalic r in the different Sanskrit fonts
>  available for computers in the West?

> As is well known since late nineteenth century it has been the practice
>  in the European continent  to write a subscript ring below -r- for
>  this allophone. But in the UK quite a few publishers carry on the old
>  practice of writing a subscript dot below -r- which in the continent,
>  with most of the publishers, means the trilled allophone of the voiced
>  retroflex plosive .d. However, even in Germany a few publishers do not
>  mind using this dot-subscipted the vocalic -r-. This is also the
>  general practice in India where word-processors are still being
>  produced with this old diacritical sign. If one likes to print with
>  the subscript ring one has to produce the character on one's own. I
>  just like to know the position in the West regarding the available
>  computer font packages, particularly if authors have to help the press
>  in developing the character with subscript ring 

If your publisher uses LaTeX then the TIPA package is your friend:


Putting a combining ring below any character is merely a case of:


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