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For 19th & early 20th c. photographic testimonies, see:

1) Joachim K. Bautze, "The 'inevitable Nautch Girl'... on the Iconography of 
a very particular Kind of Woman in 19th century British India", in: Journal 
of Bengal Art, vols 9 & 10, 2004-2005, pp. 187-246.
2) Joachim K. Bautze, "The dancing girl ('Devadâsî') of South India in 
actual early photographs, in: Sahrdaya, Studies in Indian and South East 
Asian Art in Honour of Dr. R. Nagaswamy, eds Bettina Baumer, R.N. Misra, 
Chirapat Prapandvidya, Devendra Handa, Chennai: Tamil Arts Academy, 2006, 
pp. 201-225.

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Could someone please refer me to any material on Courtesans in India?


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