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And, of course, the "gold man" (purusa/prajapati, identified with the 
sacrificer) used in the agnicayana rite is not buried in the ground per se, 
but buried in the base layer of the altar--a non-permanent (though certainly 
imposing) structure.

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> Thanks to Allen, Bob T, Axel, Ashok and others for answering my query. It 
> seems that the evidence beyond what might be speculated from the buried 
> heads beneath the agnicayana altar is sketchy and without much (if any) 
> textual basis.
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> I don't know if it's pertinent, but there is a custom in the US, among 
> people having difficulty sellling a house, of burying a statue of St. 
> Joseph upside down in the yard until it's sold.  This is not confined to 
> Catholics.  A lot of Catholic goods stores have stopped selling statues of 
> him, instead offering pictures only, on the grounds it's superstitious and 
> irreverent.  I'm waiting for a fresh rash of articles on it with the 
> current real estate crisis.
> One is, of course, supposed to dig the statue up when the house is sold.
> I have not come across any references to this before this generation.  Nor 
> has Snopes.com been able to find any: < 
> http://www.snopes.com/luck/stjoseph.asp >.
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