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For a more than life-size Purusa made of clay  buried underneath a 
temple complex dating to about AD 450 see:

Bakker, Hans, /Human Sacrifice (Purusamedha), Construction Sacrifice and the
Origin of the Idea of the `Man of the Homestead'
(Vastupurusa)/. in: Bremmer, Jan N. (ed.), The Strange World of Human 
Sacrifice. Leuven 2007 . pp. 179--194.

A comparison of this Purusa image with other buried images will be found 
in a forthcoming article of which a pdf file is available with the author.

Bakker, Hans, /Purusamedha, Manasarapurusa, Vastupurusa.
The image of Man in the Sacrificial Context./  in: Indological Studies 

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