buried images

Tenzin Bob Thurman tbt7 at COLUMBIA.EDU
Sun Apr 20 20:03:48 UTC 2008

Dear Fred,
Tibetans bury prosperity vases on the boundareis of monastic lands and 
private estates - associated with Jambhala, Vaishravana, and so on - but 
I haven;t heard of burying images.

ashok.aklujkar wrote:
> Dear Fred,
> As I recall, Phyllis Granoff has referred to instances of buried images in
> her writings. Sorry, I cannot provide precise references at the moment.
> Whether the instances lend themselves to reading a purpose of the kind you
> have in mind must be determined by studying the indications in PG's articles
> and in the sources from which she has drawn her information.
> Best.
> ashok 
> Fred Smith wrote:
>> Does anyone know if there is a history of burying statues or any other sorts of
> images in the ground for apotropaic or prophylactic purposes. I came across
> references to burying images of Demeter and other goddesses in the Greek (and
> Roman) world, and wonder if there is any such parallel phenomenon in India or
> Southeast Asia. It seems to me that I have read about this somewhere, but can't
> recall where.
> <

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