FW: The effects of different Sanskrit poetic meters

Martin Straube straube at STAFF.UNI-MARBURG.DE
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Dear Jennifer,

not an article but an ancient treatise: Ksemendras Suvrttatilaka  
(edited in the Kavyamala series and in Ksemendralaghukavyasangraha,  
Hyderabad, 1961; translated and discussed by Suryakanta, Ksemendra  
Studies, Poona 1954) deals exactly with this topic. Also, you could  
consult Sheldon Pollock, Aspects of Versification in Sanskrit Lyrical  
Poetry, New Haven 1977.
Perhaps it helps.

Martin Straube.

Zitat von Jenni Cover <jenni.cover at URSYS.COM.AU>:

> Greetings,
> Can anyone please direct me to articles discussing the effects of   
> different Sanskrit poetic meters. That is, do different meters, such  
>  as anustubh, vasantatilaka, shArdUlavikrIḍita, mAlinI, evoke   
> particular moods? If so, what are the moods and how are they evoked?
> There is an appreciation that these meters do evoke different moods,  
>  but has anyone articulated the mechanism.
> Thankyou,
> Jennifer Cover
> University of Sydney
> Australia
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