contact information for K.P. Jayaswal Research Information

Christian K. Wedemeyer wedemeyer at UCHICAGO.EDU
Wed Apr 9 22:02:56 UTC 2008

The KP Jayaswal Institute is one of three institutions housed in the 
lovely Patna Museum building (the others being the Patna Museum itself 
and the Bihar Research Society). So, the only thing you could add to the 
address to make it more specific would be "Patna Museum" as the second 
line. I don't know of any street address that would be of any use.

In my experience (and I have heard this confirmed by others), none of 
these institutions reply to mail inquiries. They were lovely when I 
visited, very friendly and welcoming, but I could not get any response 
by mail on a couple of occasions.

Good luck!

Allen W Thrasher wrote:
> Does anyone have more detailed contact information for this institution than the following, from the online World of Learning:
> Jayaswal, K. P., Research Institute
> Patna 800001
> Dir: Jata Shankar Jha (Dr )

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