subhasita [--> nyaaya] of Samkara

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Ashok is right in referring to Kumarila, but a small correction is in order: the reference should be to TV on (volume 97, part IV [1972], p. 90  of the Anandasrama edition); the editors have also given an explanation in a note.  The nyaaya is also explained in the Nyaayasuddhaa ad loc. (p. 1033).  Regards, George Cardona

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>S's sentence na hi kukku.tyaa eka-de;sa.h pacyata, eka-de;sa.h prasavaaya
>kalpate paraphrases what is elsewhere referred to as ardha-kukku.tii-nyaaya.
>Kevalaananda Sarasvatii's part 2 p. 673, referring to
>Tantra-vaarttika p. 720 (I do not have access to the edn used at
>present), indicates that the nyaaya must go back at least to  Kumaarila's
>The ardha-kukku.tii-nyaaya overlaps in its intent with the
>ashok aklujkar
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>Has somebody already met the illustration used by Samkara on
>Gaudapâda-Kârikâ IV.12 «it is not possible to imagine that a part of
>a hen is being coked and that another part is lying eggs »?

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