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Dear John (and Dina) et al.,

On Mon, 2007-10-29 at 07:01, John C. Huntington wrote:
> Dear list members,
> Dina Bangdel and I have receive a huge response to the offer of the  
> Asa Saphu Digital archive catalog. However two things have also  
> occurred.
> 1) We were checking their published list against the actual DVDs and  
> discovered that the list is short about 1500 entries! Their published  
> list ends at 5309 and the DVDs end at 7025 leaving an apparent 1716  
> files with no information provided in any form.
> 2) To partially remedy  this, we have created a database of the hand  
> written information cards included in each file folder by opening  
> disks 19-52 (Folder no.s 5310-7025) and opening each folder and  
> copying the JPEG of the info card to a file maker database. This is  
> not a sortable database except by the (useless) arbitrary item number  
> (it does not correspond to any numbering system in the 1991 published  
> catalog by Vaidya and Kamsakar). However, run on a relatively fast  
> computer, on can scan the entire (1595 entries) in about an hour.

In case they may prove useful I should perhaps mention that some while
ago I produced and made freely available the following:

Āśā Saphū Kuthi (Āśā Archives) Manuscript Catalogue (5309 entry vers.)

For brief details v.:

This version is available for download in various formats:

1./ ask_catalog_utf-8.html (827Kb) HTML

2./ ask_catalog_utf-8.txt (785Kb) Text (UTF-8)

3./ ask_catalog_csx.txt (733Kb) Text (CSX+)

4./ ask_catalog.pdf (1255Kb) PDF (Typeset with LaTeX)

from here:

Another -- fully searchable -- Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) version
has also been produced. It is accessible from here:

IeB users will be able to freely access all of the above by entering
their login details. If any others would like access I would ask you to
please register first:

Acknowledgement: I would like to take this opportunity to once again
express my deep gratitude to Mr Padma Ratna TULADHAR, Prof. Kamal P.
MALLA, and the ASK Library Staff for permitting the re-distribution of
the Catalogue.

Best regards,

 Richard MAHONEY

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