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Kengo Harimoto kengo.harimoto at UNI-HAMBURG.DE
Wed Oct 17 14:59:15 UTC 2007

Dear Colleagues,

I believe the following announcement is of interest to some of you.

> Dear Colleagues:
> We would like to draw attention to the Centre for Tantric Studies  
> at the Department of Indian and Tibetan Studies, Asia-Africa  
> Institute, University of Hamburg, recently established with the aim  
> of furthering the scholarly study of tantric traditions.
> The Centre comprises a group of scholars with common research  
> interests. Our website <http://www.tantric-studies.org>, though  
> currently in its early stages, aims to provide useful resources to  
> the scholarly community. For example, we distribute Sanskrit e- 
> texts of a high standard of accuracy, proofread and distributed  
> with the consent of the original editor (where available).  
> Currently we offer e-texts of Abhinavagupta's  
> Paramaarthadvaada'sikaa and Tantrava.tadhaanikaa, and on the  
> Buddhist side, the Pa~ncakrama traditionally ascribed to  
> Naagaarjuna, and the Hevajrasahajasadyoga and Bhramaharanaama  
> Hevajrasaadhana, both by Ratnaakara'saanti.
> We have recently announced an agreement with the China Tibetology  
> Research Centre (CTRC) to cooperate on the study of rare Sanskrit  
> and Tibetan literature preserved in China, beginning with the  
> Buddhakapaalatantra and its Abhayapaddhati commentary by  
> Abhayaakaragupta.  Critical editions of these texts are under  
> preparation.
> We are also accepting submissions for the Centre's journal,  
> 'Tantric Studies'. The deadline for contributions to our inaugural  
> issue is February 1st, 2008. We welcome submissions and enquiries  
> from anyone working in tantric studies; contact details are  
> available on our website.
> With best regards,
> Iain Sinclair
> (Research Associate, University of Hamburg)

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