Taaraa's curse

Tony K. Stewart tony_stewart at NCSU.EDU
Thu Oct 11 15:01:45 UTC 2007

It certainly appears in Krttibasa's Bengali Ramayana.

I will send you a translation of the passage (which appears in  
partial translation in " Tony K. Stewart and Edward C. Dimock, Jr.,  
“Kṛttibāsa’s Apophatic Critique of Rāma’s Kingship” in  
Questioning Rāmāyaṇas, edited by Paula Richman (New Delhi:  Oxford  
University Press, 2000, 243-64; Simultaneous release:  Berkeley, CA:   
University of California Press, 2001)--but I don't have the precise  
page numbers in front of me.


Tony K Stewart
Professor of South Asian Religions & Literatures
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On Oct 11, 2007, at 5:27 AM, Csaba Dezso wrote:

> In the Northern recension of the Raamaaya.na Taaraa, Vaalin's wife,  
> curses Raama to lose Siitaa after he recovers her. This curse seems  
> to be missing from the Southern rec. Does the curse re-appear in  
> later literature based on the Raamaaya.na? Has anyone done research  
> on this motif?
> Thanks for your kind help,
> Csaba Dezso
> Assistant Professor in Sanskrit
> ELTE University, Budapest

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