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On Mon, 2007-10-08 at 00:20, Dominik Wujastyk wrote:
> The author Dinesh Chandra Bhattacharyya wrote a number of articles on the 
> cultural history of Bengal in the IHQ and similar journals in the 1940s, 
> including "New Light on Vaidyaka Literature", "Dates of early historical 
> records of Bengal," "Newly discovered copper-plate from Tipperah," "Pala 
> chronology?a reply to Prof. Banerjee," "Mandana, Suresvara and Bhavabhuti 
> : the problem of their identity," "Sanskrit scholars of Akbar?s time," 
> "Vasudeva Sarvabhauma," etc.
> The author Dinesh Chandra Bhattacharya  wrote the book "History of Navya 
> Nyaya in Mithila" and journal articles on nyaya, Bengal, etc., at the same 
> period.
> Can anyone confirm or refute whether these are two spellings of the name 
> of one person?
> I've checked the LC name authority list, and it doesn't deal with the -yy- 
> name. SARDS and other sources don't seem to engage with the issue.

Details available through Indica et Buddhica Catalogus


indicate that the LC has - at least once - standardised the surname:

Partial Title Statement: Dīneśacandra Bhaṭṭācāryya Śāstrī


Added entry--personal name: Bhattacharya, Dinesh Chandra

For details v.:


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for the other results.)

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