upanisads and plato

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You should look into the work of Dr Will Rasmussen, currently the Bimal 
Matilal Lecturer in Indian philosophy at King's College London.  He has 
worked and thought on this topic.  As he is a member of this forum, he may 
already be aware of your enquiry.

Dominik Wujastyk

On Wed, 3 Oct 2007, Olivia Cattedra wrote:

> Hello all dear colleagues
> In the course of a modification in my former research (Asceticism in India 
> and Porphyry), I am looking now for the actual status quo of the theme, or 
> who is working on,  the comparition between the upanisads dialogues and those 
> of Plato, any suggestion? thank you very much and all the best........Olivia
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>> In my "Schrift im alten Indien", Tübingen 1993, I have tried to cite all 
>> sources on this topic on pp. 240ff.
>> H. Falk
>> Peter Wyzlic schrieb:
>>> On Mon, 1 Oct 2007 09:36:35 -0700
>>>  adheesh sathaye <adheesh at OCF.BERKELEY.EDU> wrote:
>>>> What is the most current assessment of when Vedic texts began to be 
>>>> transmitted in writing? What is the earliest "hard" evidence--i.e., 
>>>> manuscripts and citations? Where did this first start happening, and  in 
>>>> what scripts? Were some Vedic genres (e.g., Upanisads) more  amenable to 
>>>> being represented on paper? Are there any premodern (commentatorial) 
>>>> discussions of this issue?
>>> In his account of India, Al-Biruni (973-1048) says somewhere that the Veda 
>>> has only recently been put into written form, and that the Indians 
>>> generally prefer oral transmission. I don't have the reference at hand, 
>>> but it should be easily located in Sachau's translation.
>>>> And finally, what about  translation? Had the Vedas been translated into 
>>>> vernacular or perhaps  non-Indic languages before European scholarship?
>>> I think, the "Oupnekhat" (or rather Sirr-e akbar), i.e. the Persian 
>>> translation of the Upanishads has to be mentioned here.
>>> Hope it helps
>>> Peter Wyzlic
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