Walter H. Maurer (1921-2007)

Richard Salomon rsalomon at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Fri Nov 9 18:42:59 UTC 2007

Dear Rosane,

Sorry to hear about Walter's passing. He was an early influence on me, minor 
compared to you and Ludo, but a good influence nonetheless. I know that he 
and Ludo were close in the way that only sahabrahmacarinau can be, and I 
hope he is not too troubled by this development.

We are fine out here, looking forward to a three-day weekend. Jesse now has 
a regular full-time job as public defender in Seattle Municipal court and is 
temporarily (?) living with us. He likes the job although it is probably not 
what he will spend his whole life on. He likes sticking up for the underdog, 
especially when, as is sometimes the case, it is an innocent dog. He has 
already established a good record in trials, having gotten several 
acquittals or reductions of charges.

I have just finished my edition of two Gandhari texts of Anavatapta-gatha, 
and it will be published next year. This is something I had been working on 
for some seven years on and off, so it is a huge relief, as I am sure you 
can understand.

Carol is mostly engaged in her Bengali, oops I mean Bangla textbook.

We will be in NY in December for the usual family duties. There probably 
won't be time for a side trip to Philly but I'll try.

How are you guys?



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>I am sorry to share with members of the list news of the death, on August 
>21, of Walter Harding Maurer, Professor Emeritus of Sanskrit, University of 
>Hawaii. He was the author of a critical edition of the /SugamAnvayA 
>V.rtti/, a commentary in Jaina Sanskrit on the MeghadUta (1965, based on 
>his 1962 doctoral dissertation at the University of Pennsylvania), 
>/Pinnacles of India's Past/, translations of selections from the .Rgveda 
>(1986), and  /The Sanskrit Language: An Introductory Grammar and Reader 
>/(1995). He was, in recent years, engaged in translating selections from 
>the Atharvaveda. A polyglot, he was dedicated to spreading among students 
>what he liked to call the /Bacillus Sanscriticus.
> /Rosane Rocher
> Professor Emerita of South Asian Studies
> University of Pennsylvania
> /
> / 

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