Asa Saphu Archive Index

John C. Huntington huntington.2 at OSU.EDU
Thu Nov 8 00:26:20 UTC 2007

Please for give my cross posting on both lists

Dear all:

After a bit or trial and error a complete index of the DVD series of  
Asa Saphu Archive disks is now available.

A couple of notes however:

The Excel spreadsheet index (part 1) is quite small (1.4 mb) and  
easily downloaded

The fileMaker fp7 (part 2) would not load on our server properly and  
when downloaded as code not as a FileMaker file.Quite on the spur of  
the moment we created a pfd of the filemaker database.

Unfortunately the pdf file is still huge (4.34 gb) and, in spite of  
its appearance, IS NOT a working database. Yet it does serve the  
function of allowing one to quickly look through the more than 1500  
cards in it.

Dina Bangdel has stated that she will try to generate an Excel  
spreadsheet for the added material but that it may take some time. In  
the meantime the pdf index is simple and useful.

Both are at:

where the ASA index is the first item under web research and teaching  

WARNING: the big pdf file takes a long time to download. Even or our  
system I got a "server timed out" error message but for us at least  
all one has to do is click "Continue"

I hope it is useful to you



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