Vilocana on Visvanatha's Sahityadarpana?

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The question I posed a while ago can now be answered as follows:

What the Sansknet e-text of the Sahityadarpana refers to as "Vilocana" is in fact 
Bhattacarya Srimahesvara Tarkalamkara's [=Mahesvarabhatta's] commentary, 
called "Vijnapriya". The erroneous title "Vilocana" may have been inspired by that of 
Anantadasa's commentary, viz., "Locana".

Both commentaries are available from Sansknet in separate files for each of the ten 
Paricchedas of the Sahityadarpana. However, the  mula text contains no references 
to the letter numbering used in the commentary files, which renders the coordination 
of mula text and commentaries virtually impossible.

The version now available on GRETIL integrates these files according to the printed 
edition published by Bharatiya Buk Karporesan 1998:

(presently Paricchedas 1-3; to be continued).

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