Ute Huesken ute.huesken at URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE
Sat Nov 3 23:09:20 UTC 2007

Dear list members,

I need some help with the etymology and usage of the term “pandal” (or
pantal, in Tamil).

“pandal” is usually rendered as “a temporary roof, a shed, booth, shelter,
or triumphal arch, esp. for temporary use (at a festival, etc.); a marquee;
a tent or booth for a marriage.”

The Madras Tamil Dictionary says:
pantalpirittal the ceremony of removing the pandal erected for marriage, etc. 
pantalvaricai money presented to the bride and bridegroom at the marriage pandal

>From Northern Tamil Nadu I am familiar with the ritual “pantalkal”, the
worship of the first pole of a pandal at an auspicious moment, before the
pandal is erected. Moreover, here the term pandal seems not to be restricted
to marriage tents or -marquees, but to all temporary roofs erected at any
auspicious occasion; not only for domestic rituals, but also for temple

Ute Huesken

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