Soteriology of universals

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A belated further ref.:

"saiva tantras have inherited, expanded and re-interpreted the  
saa"nkhya system of tattvas, an important category in "saiva  
soteriology. The exegetes clearly interpret tattvas as universals  
(the situation in the earlier tantras themselves is not so uniform),  
Abhinavagupta even approximates Kumaarila's terminology (anugaamin <  
anuyaayin, < ekabuddhinibandhana etc.).  For a  
fuller discussion see my p.189 ff. in my "Yoga of the  
Malinivijayottara", Collection Indologie 97, Pondicherry 2004.

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On Nov 1, 2007, at 3:09 AM, Will Rasmussen wrote:

> Many thanks to all who replied to my query. Your responses have  
> helped confirm that, while it has become a commonplace to note the  
> similarities in the way universals were espoused in Nyaaya- 
> VaizeSika and in Plato, there are fundamentally important  
> differences that such comparative philosophy really ought to  
> elucidate. This is particularly noteworthy since the differences  
> emerge when the issue of soteriology and the transmigration of  
> souls/selves is addressed.
> With best wishes to all,
> Will
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