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> I am trying to compile a (likely very short) list of 
>critical editions of Sanskrit texts prior to 1808. By 
>"critical," I don't mean editions that necessarily 
>feature a /stemma codicum/, just editions that record 
>variant readings. I would be grateful for any entry you 
>may be able to suggest.

I guess, most of the relevant published works are listed 
in Gildemeister's bibliography. On page 173 seqq. he gives 
an "index librorum in India editorum" sorted according to 
the publishing date. He lists 17 or 18 works (editions, 
translations, grammars) that were published between 1789 
and 1808. For European books one has to go through the 
"Bibliothecae Sanscritae ... specimen", however, to find 
the particular instances - very few, of course, before the 
1820ies (e.g. Paulinus a Sancto Bartholomaeo's edition and 
translation of the Amarakosha).

Friedrich Adelung in his "Versuch einer Literatur der 
Sanskrit-Sprache" (1st ed. 1830) points sometimes to rare 
to find secondary works (at least nowadays rare to find). 
But I don't believe that this will add much to 
Gildemeister's bibliography.

On the other hand some early works (of missionaries like 
Heinrich Roth or later Company people) remained 
unpublished during their lifetimes or came out only 
posthumously (like those of Demetrios Galanos).

Hope it helps a bit
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