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However, NB that Ashubodha and Nityabodha are the sons or nephews of 
Jivanandavidyasagara Bhattacharya, the well-known text publisher and 
editor of 19 century Calcutta.  Ashu and Nitya carried on the business 
after Jivananda, and their names are printed on the covers of many, many 
later books from the press, usually as the editor/printers.

Although I would be very surprised that these two actually wrote a 
commentary on an alchemical text, in this case, it does seem to be the 
case.  Ken Zysk kindly gave me a copy of the book you are talking about, 
some years ago, and the title page says:



mahaamati "sriimadvaagbhataacaaryyaviracita.h/

pa.n.dita-"sriimannityabodhavidyaaratnena ca


rasaratnasamuccayabodinyaakhyayaa .tiikayaa
samalala"nk.rta.h prakaa"sita"sca/

prathama sa.mskara.nam/


i.m 1927/

The book is 787 pages long, and the commentary takes about half the 
volume.  The commentary's introduction and colophons are brief and do not 
mention the authors' names, and there's no bhuumikaa.  The title page 
gives all the information there is.


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On Fri, 4 May 2007, gruenendahl wrote:

> A hint by Kenneth Zysk pointed me to the obvious: Meulenbeld's History 
> of Indian Medical Literature, where it is stated that the Bodhinii was 
> written by Aashubodha and Nityabodha, while the .Tiikaa seems to be 
> anonymous.
> Many thanks!
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