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Fri May 4 14:14:43 UTC 2007

Dear indologists

Following up an initiative started at the second Dubrovnik International 
Conference on the Sanskrit Epics and Puranas (DICSEP) in 1999 an 
international group of scholars cooperated to create an electronic 
version of the Critical Edition of the Harivamsha, including 
star-passages and appendixes. We are very grateful to the authorities of 
the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute to have granted permission to 
produce this electronic transliteration! And we herewith gratefully 
aknowledge this permission.

Dr. Dhadphale had written in a letter dated June 19, 2000:
"I am happy to let you know that members of the Executive Board of the 
Institute under their Resolution No. 5/19.05.2000 have authorised me to 
communicate to you that they have pleasure to allow to you to make use 
of the Critical Edition of the Harivamsa published by the Institute as a 
basis for the electronic transliteration of the text on the condition 
that the transliterated electronic text of the Harivamsa is used 
exclusively for research oriented purposes and without any sort of 
commercial interest [...] and further that the permission given by the 
authorities of the Inst. is gratefully acknowledged prominently at the 
beginning of the transliterated text."

In September 2005 the authorities of BORI were informed that the task 
was completed and a CD with the files was submitted. For reasons 
unknown, BORI has not yet  taken any initiative to realise the intended 
purpose of our work, i.e., the use for research oriented purposes. 
Encouraged by various demands for the text we have decided to put it on 
the homepage of the Department of Indology, University of Zürich 
("www.indologie.unizh.ch"), until another solution can be found. Let it 
be repeated that utilization of this transliteration is exclusively for 
research oriented purposes and without any sort of commercial interest. 
Kindly note that the copyright continues to lie with the BORI.

With many thanks to all those involved and to the academic community for 
the support!

Peter Schreiner


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