Finding Indological full-book PDFs on Google Books

Peter Friedlander P.Friedlander at LATROBE.EDU.AU
Sun Jun 17 08:00:28 UTC 2007

Dear List members,
It seems to me that there is an enormous amount of hype that does not match reality in projects like Google Books.
I have worked on projects inputing colonial era texts for several years now, 
it took an enormous number of hours, skill and enthusiasm to input about 9000 pages..
See (
To be able to search text meaningfully it needs to be carefully proofread as it is digitised, 
many of the current projects do not do this, it is time consuming and expensive.
plus, OCR of diacritical marks, let alone indic scripts, is not straightforward.
Indeed there is not yet any effective OCR program for Devangari, and 
So although its amazing what is being done, there is a long way still to go.
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