Finding Indological full-book PDFs on Google Books

Richard MAHONEY r.mahoney at ICONZ.CO.NZ
Sat Jun 16 03:18:20 UTC 2007

Hello Jonathan,

On Sat, 2007-06-16 at 14:29, Jonathan Silk wrote:
> I am sure this is terribly naive of me to say this, but:
> Thanks to Tim's instructions, I've wasted a bit of time looking at 
> books scanned by Google. So far, everything I've looked at has some 
> serious if not fatal problem--missing or illegible pages, much of the 
> book simply absent (like 200 pages of the Bibliotheca Buddhica 
> edition of the Zik.saasamuccaya), the title not corresponding to the 
> actual scan (I was jazzed to see PW listed--except, it's not PW at 
> all!--pw is there, but only partially as far as I can tell), etc.
> Is this the experience of others? Have I rediscovered the wheel? Or what?

A number have expressed disquiet, though perhaps not as many as one
would expect:

American Historical Assoc.
AHA Today
April 29, 2007

Google Books: What’s Not to Like?
By Robert B. Townsend

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