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The Atharvaveda and its Paippaladasakha

Historical and Philological Papers on a
Vedic Tradition 
Edited by Arlo Griffiths, Annette
(Geisteskultur Indiens. Texte und
Studien.11. = Studia Indologica
Universitatis Halensis)
Aachen: Shaker 2007.  pp. 410.  ISBN
45,80 EUR 

Online-orders can be placed with Shaker

Arlo Griffiths: Prefatory Remarks.
1. Philipp Kubisch: The metrical and
prosodical structures of Books I-VII of
the Vulgate Atharvavedasamhita.
2. Alexander Lubotsky: PS 8.15. Offense
against a Brahmin.
3. Werner Knobl: Zwei Studien zum
Wortschatz der Paippalada-Samhita.
4. Yasuhiro Tsuchiyama: On the meaning
of the word rastra PS 10.4.
5. Timothy Lubin: The Nilarudropanisad
and the Paippaladasamhita: a critical
edition with translation of the Upanisad
and Narayana's Dipika.
6. Arlo Griffiths: The ancillary
literature of the Paippalada school: a
preliminary survey with an edition of
the Caranavyuhopanisad.
7. Alexis Sanderson: Atharvavedins in
Tantric territory: the Angirasakalpa
texts of the Oriya Paippaladins and
their connection with the Trika and the
Kalikula. With critical editions of the
Parajapavidhi, the Paramantravidhi, and
the Bhadrakalimantravidhiprakarana.
8. Kei Kataoka: Was Bhatta Jayanta a
9. Walter Slaje: Three Bhattas, two
Sultans, and the Kashmirian
10. Annette Schmiedchen: Epigraphical
evidence of the History of Atharvavedic

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