Finding Indological full-book PDFs on Google Books

Timothy Lubin LubinT at WLU.EDU
Fri Jun 15 15:09:51 UTC 2007

After my last posting, I received privately some queries about how to
nose out Google's full-book PDFs.  I hope it will not insult anyone's
web-intelligence if I circulate my response, in case there are others
who yearned to know but hesitated to ask.
The most efficient method is to use the advanced search option at:   
Next to "Search" click "Full View" if you want to limit the results to
downloadable PDFs of complete books.  ("Partial view" books display only
selected pages on the screen, and cannot be downloaded.)
There are various fields for search criteria.  Using general search
terms like "Sanskrit" or "Veda" produce the broadest sweep of relevant
titles, but you can also search by individual title or author.
N.B.: Even among the "full view" books, not all of them are available
in PDF.  Once you get a list of results, click on the main link
(usually, the title), and on the screen that comes up, look under
"Summary" on the right side of the page.  If a PDF is available, a
"Download" button will appear just over the link "About this book."
Happy hunting!
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