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I've been in private contact with Ole Holten Pind, in charge of the 
CPD, and he asked me to forward the following request to Indology 
members. He wrote me as follows:

"I am truly pleased to see that my suggestion to make the CPD 
accessible online to scholars has generated such interest. In fact, 
the number of visitors to the site has been so overwhelming that we 
have been forced to block access for some time until the dictionary 
has been properly proof read and transferred to another server that 
accommodates similar traffic and all the necessary technical 
requirements. "

Therefore Dr Pind asks that you wait patiently for these technical 
refinements. However, he did emphasize to me that the notion of 
contributions to the dictionary from, I suppose we might say (my 
words, not his) non-traditional contributors, is a very welcome one, 
although there is as yet no mechanism in place to moderate (or 
gate-keep) such contributions.

The other point he emphasized is the continuing need for funding. 
Fully realizing that there are many worthy causes in the world, 
people suffering unimaginably every moment, I still think that some 
of us might see the value in *also* working to maintain and continue 
and speed the progress of this truly monumental international 
project, and I for one do think that Indology is and should be a 
forum for such discussions (i.e., how to fund the CPD, not the 
suffering of humanity).

Thanks for reading, JAS
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 From July 15, 2007:

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