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Sun Jun 10 17:54:03 UTC 2007

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Andrew Glass just brought to my attention a link that will no doubt 
be of great interest to many of us:

This contains the Critical Pali Dictionary. So far I have had very 
little time to play around, but it appears that one must separate 
compounds with a hyphen, and unfortunately searching a head-word will 
not allow one to see its compounds (unless I am using it wrongly, 
which it is quite possible). It is not clear from the website who has 
set this up, although presumably it is the folks in Copenhagen (as 
the dk in the address suggests). Nor is it clear how one might 
contribute to the site, which would also be a boon, since many of us 
have little pencilled notes in our own copies which it would be 
lovely to be able to share.

With thanks to Andrew, who apparently passed on this piece of 
intelligence from Mark Allon.

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 From July 15, 2007:

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