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Mahendra Kumar Mishra mkmfolk at GMAIL.COM
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 Dear Klaus
 I am mahendra  from Orissa, India. Can I get the  online v ersion of the
books on Ramayana you have mentioned in this reference?
 I  have  one version of  the Ramayana episode  remooulded in to an oral
epic.  I have three papers which is  available in
  Kindly have a glance at this.
 with best regards, mahendra mishra

On 6/8/07, Klaus Karttunen <klaus.karttunen at helsinki.fi> wrote:
> See also
> William L. Smith: Ramayana Traditions in Eastern India: Assam, Bengal,
> Orissa.207 p. Stockholm Studies in Indian languages and culture 2. St.
> 1988.
> Alexander Baumgartner: Das Rāmāyana und die Rāma-Litteratur der
> Inder.181 p. Stimmen aus Maria Laach, Ergänzungsheft 62. Freiburg i.B.
> 1894.
> Camille Bulcke (Kāmil Bulke): Rām-kathā (utpatti aur vikās).1950, 2nd
> ed. 20+820 p. Prayāg -- I have not read it, but it should contain
> material about Tulasi Das.
> V. Raghavan: The Greater Rāmāyaṇa. 9+91 p. Varnasi 1973 (on Rāma
> Literature in India) and The Rāmāyaṇa in Greater India.16+274 p. 21 pl.
> Surat 1975.
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