EFEO Pondicherry center (Re: contact information for Dominic Goodall

Jean-Luc Chevillard jlc at CCR.JUSSIEU.FR
Tue Jun 5 17:21:28 UTC 2007

Dear John,

Dr Dominic Goodall is currently
the head of the Pondicherry EFEO center.

You can find his E-mail and Phone number
on the following page

I hope this helps

-- Jean-Luc Chevillard (CNRS, University Paris 7, Paris)

At 18:50 05/06/2007, you wrote:

>Dear Indology List Members,
>I am trying to get in touch with Dominic Goodall.  Could anyone 
>kindly provide me with his email address and/or other contact 
>information?  Thank you much, in advance.
>John Nemec
>John Nemec, Ph.D.
>Assistant Professor
>Indian Religions and South Asian Studies
>Dept. of Religious Studies
>University of Virginia
>120 Halsey Hall
>Charlottesville, VA 22911 (USA)
>nemec at virginia.edu

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