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Mon Jun 4 22:43:54 UTC 2007

A hint for the vanishing minority of real lovers of the mahaakaavya
genre (really tough reading; so far no commentary available):

Michael Hahn:
Kapphi.naabhyudaya or King's Triumph
A Ninth Century Kashmiri Buddhist Poem
Institute of Buddhist Cultural Studies
Ryukoku University, Kyoto 2007
(Ryukoku Univerisity Studies in Buddhist Culture XVIII)
ISBN 978-4-8318-7281-4 C3015
Price: 39,900 Yen

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction
II. Canto viii ..... Sanskrit and English
III. The edited text [of the whole poem]
IV. Diplomatic transcript of Ms N
Facsimile Edition of Manuscript N (in colour)

Hozokan Publishing Company
Kyoto, Japan 600-8153
Tel.: +81-75-343-5656

A more detailed description can be found in the Newsletter of the NGMCP
4 (May/June 2007), to appear shortly.

And for those who prefer the most elegant Sanskrit of the 5th century
CE (ideally suited for second or third year students of Sanskrit ):

Michael Hahn:
Haribha.t.ta in Nepal
Ten Legends from His Jaatakamaalaa
and the Anonymous "Saakyasi.mhajaataka
Editio minor
Tokyo, The International Institute for Buddhist Studies 2007
(Studia Philologica Buddhica. Monograph Series. XXII)
ISBN 978-4-906267-58-3
Price: 900 Yen

Prof. Dr. Michael Hahn
Ritterstr. 14
D-35287 Amoeneburg
Tel. +49-6422-938963
Fax: +49-6422-938967
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