News about Sanskrit Studies in North American Universities

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Thank you for this nice list!

Please make one small correction to the Indiana listing:  our program is
India Studies, not Indian Studies.

Thank you,

Rebecca J. Manring
Associate Professor
India Studies and Religious Studies
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Thank you for this useful summary.
Kindly change the name of the relevant entity at the University of 
Pennsylvania to its official name:
Department of South Asia Studies.

Rosane Rocher

Pankaj Jain wrote:
> (Includes interview with Prof Robert Goldman) 
> And here is an updated list of universities offering Sanskrit learning
> over the world: 
> (Adapted and expanded from Prof. Gudrun Buhnemann's website at
University of
> Wisconsin-Madison) 
> Best, 
> Pankaj Jain 
> Edison, New Jersey 
> Uiowa, Rutgers, NJCU 

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