palm leaf manuscript: script & identification?

Mahendra Kumar Mishra mkmfolk at GMAIL.COM
Mon Jan 22 21:50:47 UTC 2007

dear  Friend  The   script and language  you have  displayed is  Oriya
language in  eastern India. I am a scholar on Oriya studies and  I have
edited  the Bramhanda Purana. Can I help you?
 As  the scholar of Oriya literature  I have   worked on it, I presume  if
you  send me the first  and last  page I can  tell you what  is the content
about. If you send the  manuscript  in photocopy  or  printed form this  can
be  translated in to  English language for the scholarship. But for this you
have to commision the work here.
 mahendra mishra

On 1/22/07, David Magier <magier at> wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> a colleague from NY is seeking assistance in identifying a 215-page palm
> leaf manuscript. He is unsure of the language, the script, the age and the
> text of the mss, and I would like to provide any possible pointers. An
> image of one page of the manuscript is available online at:
> <>
> One colleague guessed it was a South Indian script, but another discounted
> that theory and wondered if it was some Bengali or Oriya script. I also
> wonder if it could be Southeast Asian. Advice anyone?
> Many thanks,
> David Magier
> South/Southeast Asia Librarian
> Columbia University Libraries

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