A question concerning the history of Samkhya

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In the light of Jan Houben's posting dated Fri, 12 Jan 2007 03:03:54, which came to  
my belated attention on 17.1.2007, I see fit to get some things out of the way before  
I reply to the issue itself on Monday (weather permitting). 

Jan Houben strongly disapproves of the parody (or call it hoax ...) that started this  
particular thread. I see parody as a legitimate means of expression as long as it is  
clearly distinguished from serious business, and I gather from various examples in  
the archives of this list that at least some members see this in a similar way (see,  
e.g., #003826, 95/11/23). Whether parody is considered appropriate or otherwise  
depends very much on the position one sees oneself in. Anyway, parody has the  
potential to bring out aspects that cannot be expressed by other means. As for the  
case in hand, my hoax projects an assumed aspect of the history of Samkhya to an  
entirely different field to highlight the absurdity of a particular variety of  
contemporary discourse. (The serious business will follow on Monday; I didn't bring  
it up earlier because I was still waiting for Jan Houben's reply - which didn't reach  
me because it had filtered out by our mailing system.) 

What is not considered a legitimate means of expression, according to the rules of  
this list (www.indology.info/email/email-const.shtml), are "personal attacks of an ad- 
hominem nature". Whether some of Jan Houben's remarks qualify for this category  
"shall be a matter for the List committee", of which Jan Houben is a member (see  
www.indology.info/email/email-comm.shtml). I, for one, tend to take personal  
remarks lightly; whoever catches at this straw usually has little else to bring forward 
in support of his views. 

Should some members consider me unqualified for further discussion because of  
my use of parody, I'm prepared to live with that. 

Reinhold Grünendahl 


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