Indology and "the disastrous ideology of the 'pure Aryan race'"

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> There can be little doubt that Hauer, however, was convinced by NS 
> anti-semitic, blood-and-soil, and other creeds, and considered Hitler "the 
> genius of our people."

A short addendum on Hauer:
In 1940, he demanded a fundamental reorientation of all fields of learning (including 
natural science) according to the principals of "race science" (with reference to 
Galton, Gobineau, Clauß and H.F.K. Günther), but it never came about, not even in 
his primary field of interest, religious studies. Wüst voiced similar demands for 
indology (see my article), but also to no avail.

On Hauer see, e.g., Horst Junginger: Von der philologischen zur völkischen 
Religionswissenschaft ... 1999 (with whom I do not agree on all points, as will be 
explained in my book).



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