Tenzin Bob Thurman tbt7 at COLUMBIA.EDU
Fri Jan 12 19:52:59 UTC 2007

Hi Patrick,
happy new year!
In traditional Tibetan accounts, Nairanjana river is near Bodhgaya, and 
it is where Siddhartha and five ascetic companions practiced austerities 
until he abandoned them and they abandoned him and went off to Saranath. 
He then ate his square meal given by Sujata, washed, clothed himself in 
the patched and washed shroud rags, and walked to the Bodhi tree for his 
final day and night of confronting Mara and attaining full 
enlightenment. Today there is a small stupa at the place, near a dried 
up riverbed, and many Tibetan prayer flags and a plaque.

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