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On 12 Jan 2007 at 3:05, Dan Lusthaus wrote:

> Matt Kapstein was not blaming the A-Bomb on the Gita, ...

Dear Professor Lusthaus,  
Neither did I suggest he was doing that, as you may conclude from my previous 
message. On the other hand, I cannot see how Professor Kapstein's remark could 
possibly serve as an argument in the present case. To be frank, I doubt the 
usefulness of what I'd like to call the "name-dropping-approach" (for want of a better 
word), even if it was restricted to indologists (which is clearly not the case with 
Oppenheimer). But then, the last sentence in Professor Kapstein's remark may also 
indicate that it was made in a more light-hearted vein.

Very early on in this discussion, I had drawn attention to the book by Gumbrecht, 
which may save many people the trouble of having to re-invent the wheel for 
making a similar argument. Besides, isn't there is a draft petition ready to be 
signed? The very last thing I would expect from Berlin authorities in charge is that 
they take more than a cursory look at petitions - they probably get piles of them 
every day.

Reinhold Grünendahl


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