Enough is enough ! (Re: A question concerning the proposal to shut down the previous thread

Jean-Luc Chevillard jlc at CCR.JUSSIEU.FR
Thu Jan 11 15:45:35 UTC 2007

Dear Rheinhold,

you should remember that LIVERPOOL-INDOLOGY
is a general purpose indological mailing list.

However important the question you are discussing with Jan Houben is,
you cannot claim all the bandwidth
(there have already been more than 30 messages with the title
"Indology and "the disastrous  ideology of the 'pure Aryan race'" "

If that question has waited several years for a clarification,
it can certainly wait for a few more years :-)

I, for one,
consider that the important topic which was
has been HIJACKED by an important
between you and JH .....

Please remember that there are sometimes priorities ....

I won't add anything to that thread
(and won't answer any comment you make on my message)
because that would be a transmutation
of debate into noise

Best wishes

-- Jean-Luc Chevillard
  (CNRS, Université Paris 7, Laboratoire 
d'Histoire des Théories Linguistiques [UMR 7597])

At 16:18 11/01/2007, you wrote:

>Dear Professor Rocher,
>thank your for your reply.
>As for conventions of debate, it seems I 
>underrated the degree to which not replying
>to the question has already been developed into an art form.
>Reinhold Grünendahl

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