Indology and "the disastrous ideology of the 'pure Aryan race'"

Rosane Rocher rrocher at SAS.UPENN.EDU
Wed Jan 10 16:27:26 UTC 2007

Please allow me to second this motion.
Rosane Rocher

At 11:01 AM 1/10/2007, you wrote:
>I would like to suggest humbly that this subject has been
>sufficiently explored in this list.  In any event, I thought the
>Indology list is concerns issues and ideas pertaining to classical
>Indian studies, whether in Sanskrit or, occasionally, in the other
>classical language of India, Tamil (which is non-Indo-European and
>certainly does not represent the "pure Aryan race," whatever that
>is).  If some members wish to pursue aspects of the history of the
>Third Reich, perhaps they could start another list.  George Hart

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