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Fri Jan 5 17:13:29 UTC 2007

(sorry for the truncated text which was sent earlier)

Dear list members,
since it is my post which is planned to be sacked when I leave office in 
2012 I would like to thank Michael for his enduring efforts, which 
outshine everything that has been done in this respect anywhere in Germany.
     May I recall the basic fact: it was planned that the dept. of 
Indian Philology moved to the Humboldt-University in town. This was not 
a bad idea, given the depts. of Indian history already there. The shift 
over there was planned to be accompanied by a shift of the Egyptian 
Archaeology from there to us, the Free University. This way no 
university would have been forced to augment its staff, just a swapping 
of depts. with no financial burden involved would take place. 
Unfortunately, the Egyptian Archaeology refused to move and the 
president of the Humboldt university missed the occasion to kick them 
over par ordre du moufti.
    Our president had firmly planned for a future without Indian 
Philology. Now that I cannot go - because the Egyptian Archaeologists 
don't come - he still sticks to this plan. What is worse: he refuses to 
talk about our field with me or anyone else who could make him change 
his mind.
    He and his colleague at the Humboldt-University should be reminded 
that no higher authority, like the senator for education and science in 
town or the Wissenschaftsrat, has ever pleaded for a closure of Indian 
Philology, and that even with the missed swapping no additional personal 
is to be paid anywhere.
    All arguments regarding the importance of the field, its long 
history in town, Sanskrit, Indian history etc. will be accepted as 
important, but they will not be taken into account. At least at present. 
No one should expect an instant result; however, as long as complaints 
from all over the world keep pouring in these two presidents will be 
reminded of something they have to deal with. Just say that
- there never was a plan to erase Indian philology
- no additional money is needed since the swapping would not have 
changed the number of staff
- South Asian studies in Germany are important for similar studies in 
your country (don't laugh).
The fact that you write is more important compared to what and how much 
you write. Still, some sort of impetus may not be superfluous.
To all who have already written, and to those who do it now, I feel 
deeply obliged.
Please address your contribution to

The President of the Humboldt University, Berlin
The President of the Free University, Berlin
The Senator for Science and Education, Senate of Berlin

through Michael's distributer:

       berlinindology at

Thank you so much,
Harry Falk

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