Indology and "the disastrous ideology of the 'pure Aryan race'"

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On 5 Jan 2007 at 0:48, Jan E.M. Houben wrote:

> Good morning, Reinhold, 
> See my previous comments on that memorable
> meeting in Leipzig, and why I referred to the
> mentioned issues of ZDMG ... My position is clear
> to those who take the time to read my previous
> mails on Making the Argument for Sanskrit. I have
> no further comments to add at this moment, and
> still a lot of homework to do among which, yes,
> also writing to the Berlin authorities -- rest
> assured, in my letters to them I will not refer
> to the sensitive period in
> German-European-International indology. 
> Cheers,
> JH

Good morning, Jan,
please bear with my ignorance, but which "previous comment" did you have in 



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