New discovery of "original" 10th Jaina Anga (Panhavagaranaim)?

Antonio Ferreira-Jardim antonio.jardim at GMAIL.COM
Mon Feb 26 01:32:31 UTC 2007

Dear colleagues,

I was recently reading the 2004 Annual Report for the University of
Hamburg's Asien-Afrika-Institut - Abteilung für Kultur und Geschichte
Indiens und Tibets [available here:]
and came across the following fascinating note by Diwakar Acarya on
page 25:

[With regard to the Nepalese-German Manuscript Cataloguing Project]

"The rewards of cataloguing these manuscripts are substantial: new
texts are found, texts once considered lost are rediscovered, and
records of historical events and dates traced. Now and then some quite
surprising texts turn up. As an example, I take the original
PraS"navyAkaraNa, the tenth of the twelve Jain aN"gasUtras. A text of
the same title is in circulation, but it deals with the five AS"ravas
– the five sins, and the five saMvaras – the consequences
corresponding to them. This is a later work, which took the place of
the original aNgasUtra dealing with vidyAs and mantras, as noted in
the SthAnAN"ga-, SamavAyAN"ga- and NandisUtra. The text newly
discovered in Nepal exactly matches the description of these three
sUtras, and is preserved together with a quite old Sanskrit commentary
by one JIvabhogin, a disciple of Devanandin. Two manuscripts of the
text are available: one palm leaf and a paper transcript, which is
rat-eaten in the left-hand side. Two folios are missing near the end
of the palm-leaf manuscript, but the missing text on them is found in
the paper transcript albeit with some lacunae."

Does anyone have any further news on this fascinating find? Is an
edition forthcoming?

Yours sincerely,

Antonio Ferreira-Jardim
University of Queensland

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