German Indologist Claims to have decoded Indus Scripts?

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Tema: German Indologist Claims to have decoded Indus Scripts

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German Indologist claims to have decoded Indus scripts

Panaji, Feb 07: Renowned German Indologist and scientist of religion,
Egbert Richter Ushanas today claimed that he has unravelled the
mystery of Indus Valley scripts by decoding major seals and tablets
found during various archaeological excavations.

"Already 1,000-odd seals are decoded and of them, 300-odd are printed
in monography -- the message of Indus seals and tablets," stated
Richter, who has also decoded tablets from Easter Island in Pacific
Ocean and disc of Phaistos on Island of Crete in Meditarrenean Sea.

"All the seals are based on Vedas -- Rig Veda and Atharva Veda,"
Richter told a news agency here.

He is here to attend the International Indology Conference, beginning
from February 7.

Richter, who began decoding the mysteries behind the seals way back
in 1988, feels that after decoding 1,000-odd seals, there is no need
to decode the rest.

"You need not eat all apples of world to understand the apple. Few
apples are enough," he quipped.

The path-breaking decoding by Richter is based on the Sumerian and
Brahmi script wherein he has detected the lost meaning of the seals
which can be traced to Vedic era.

A Vedic scholar himself, Richter during the course of unravelling the
Indus Valley mysteries, has translated all the important Vedic hymns
and is a Sanskrit exponent too.

Bureau Report

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