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Dear Asko,

Thank you very  much for the Indus-related messages.  Sorry for the 
delay: I'm busy with the new semester, besides deadlines. You said, 
among other items:

> I regret that I did not notify Michael when deciding not send my paper 
> to the EJVS, that I missed the chance of getting a "CA"-like [Current 
> Anthropology] treatment (he undoubtedly offered this, but I somehow 
> missed it during our conversation, which took place in the rush of 
> workshop dispersal)

Actually, I have suggested the Current Anthropology format at least 
twice, via email. The idea was to discuss your paper, minus the 
personal remarks, and the Farmer-Sproat-Witzel paper in the Current 
Anthropology format -- just focusing on the evidence.

We think that a consensus could be reached quickly using this kind of 
format, since we think your paper does not really cover our best 
arguments adequately. As mentioned, you were to get the final word.

We like this point-by-point discussion, with immediate feedback, since 
this issue really needs to be resolved, due to its general importance 
in Indian history. We think this can be done in an orderly way online, 
as we try to do on our list. Are you willing to do it?

All of us, maybe also Iravatham Mahadevan, will of course have a chance 
finally to discuss these issues with a very large group of linguists at 
the upcoming  Stanford conference on July 11th:


But it would even be better, I think, if we could have a broad public 
discussion that includes Indologists and others, due to  the importance 
of the issue.

Do you accept this proposal?


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