Pop Goes Religion Conference

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Mon Feb 12 13:18:47 UTC 2007

Registration is now open.

Joel Bordeaux
Ph.D. candidate
Department of Religion
Columbia University
jeb2104 at columbia.edu

The Religion Graduate Students' Association of Columbia University

is accepting registration now through March 23, 2007  for:

"Pop Goes Religion: Exploring Religion's Relationship with Popular  
and Consumer Culture"

Thursday March 29, 2007

Columbia University, New York


Featured Guests:

Keynote Speaker:

Ronald Inden, Professor Emeritus of History and of South Asian  
Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago

Closing Discussant:

Laurel Kendall, Curator of Asian Ethnographic Collections at the  
American Museum of Natural History and  Professor of Anthropology at  
Columbia University.


This conference will investigate the impact of popular and consumer  
culture on religious practice, worship, and experience, including how  
they are shaping and reforming the understanding and self- 
understanding of different religious traditions and religious  
practitioners.  Also under consideration are the ways popular and  
consumer cultural practices have influenced scholarship on and the  
actual teaching methods of religion, particularly in the field of  
religious studies. Finally, we will likewise explore the impact of  
religion and religious themes and ideas on popular and consumer culture.

Columbia University Sponsors:

Department of Religion, Department of Anthropology, Graduate Student  
Advisory Council (GSAC)

For schedules, panel information, abstracts, and bios, please go to:


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